• Supply Center

    Our cutting-edge supply center offers contractors and homeowners a rich selection of landscaping materials for retail and wholesale, as well as in bulk supply for pickup or delivery. Boasting the latest, high-quality mulch colors, decorative river rock, driveway gravel, and play sand, our materials are non-toxic and safety approved for playgrounds. NEO Landscape Management also carries two types of screened topsoil, which may be custom blended for unique bed and garden designs.  A visit to our supply center will provide the do-it-yourself landscapers with the latest grass seed, shovels, rakes, brooms, and tools required to do the job right. Our off-season product line includes bulk and bag salt, as well as deicer products. Call today for pricing

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    • Topsoil
    • Fill Dirt
    • Organic compost
    • Mulch
    • Straw
    • Stone, rock, gravel
    • Seed  mix
    • Fertilizer
    • Hydroseed products
    Screened Topsoil
    1-40 Yards: $21.00/yard

    Unscreened Topsoil
    1 - 9 Yards: $15.00/yard

    Blended Topsoil
    1 - 19 Yards: $35.00/yard
    20-39 Yards: $25.00/yard
    40 or more Yards: $25.00/yard

    Fill Dirt: $7.00/yard-(If Available)
    Clay: $11.00/yard
     (If Available)

    Straw (1 bale) $10.00/bale
    1 bale covers 500 sq ft 

    DE-ICERS (Call for season prices)
    4-Cast (-15* F)

    Rock Salt 50 Lb Bag

    Natural Hardwood
    1-19 Yards: $19.00/yard
    20-39 Yards: $18.00/yard
    40 or more Yards: $17.00/yard

    Black: $35.00/yard
    Brown: $35.00/yard
    Bulk Colored Mulch: 40+ yards: $32.00/yard

    STONES (1.5 tons = 1 yard)
    #8 Small Pea-Gravel: $55.00/yard 
    #57 Medium 1-1/2": $55.00/yard 
    #34 Large 1-1/2-2": $68.00/yard 
    #57 Limestone Gravel:$46.00/yard
           (Driveway Stone) 

    Asphalt Grindings: $10.00/yard (If Available)
    Boulders – Small, Medium, Large: Prices Vary 

  • Delivery Fees:
    Local: $20.00-Brunswick

              $40.00- Out of Area

    Semi: Minimum $3.55 Per Mile-Minimum $75.00

    1 Ton (holds up to 10 yards mulch/5 yards stone or soil)
    Semi Trailer (holds 55 yards mulch/22 yards stone or soil)
    Walking Floor Trailer (holds 100 yards playground mulch/80 yards colored mulch)